From the President's Desk...

Dear Friends of the Movement

Since 1969, the Urban League of Southern Connecticut has weathered many storms to provide valuable supportive services to individuals and families throughout southern Connecticut. Countless men, women and children have benefited from the hard work of board members, staff, community partners and volunteers who put in endless hours realizing the mission and vision of the Urban League movement.

This past year, we touched the lives of struggling families through our signature programs, and as the economy and nation continue to recover, we are working to expand services and programs to those who most need them. Despite recent employment gains, ULSC is committed to protecting our progress as disparities persist. The high cost of healthcare, low wages and foreclosures continue to plague working class families and small businesses. People throughout our community and country continue to seek work but remain stymied by an uncertain horizon that leaves employers and employees afraid to take tangible strides toward recovery.

We pledge to continue our work and to tackle the nation’s deepening domestic challenges head on, to provide our clients with the personalized services and training to get them back on their feet and on the path to personal and professional success. Our first-time homebuyer education and credit counseling continues to provide residents with the skills and tools necessary to plan for a sound financial future and take real steps toward owning their own home. We provide counseling for those under threat of foreclosure to ensure that they remain in their homes and are able to manage their mortgage loan repayment. In addition to becoming a leader in workforce development training for the hard-to-serve in the field of renewable energy, we have leveraged our ties to local hotels and begun training in hospitality and customer service. We continue to provide at-risk youth with an alternative to secondary education by offering entrepreneurial education and occupational skills training in high-demand industries. We have expanded our computer services to focus on STEAM related training to prepare for a more global economy.

As we look ahead during these tough economic times, we realize that the Urban League movement continues to be as relevant today as it was almost 50 years ago. We invite you to join us in helping shape the future of the people we serve. We wish to give all people an equal chance at achieving their goals and living the life they want and ask that you join us in our efforts to lead the fight for universal economic empowerment. Join us and show your commitment to the community in which you live, work and play.

Valarie Shultz-Wilson

President & CEO