Since 1969, the Urban League of Southern Connecticut (ULSC) has helped residents of Fairfield and New Haven counties improve their economic situations.  Through its programming, the League seeks to empower individuals and families as they create brighter futures for themselves and build stronger communities. 

The League has historically been an African-American-led organization, but today we serve a diverse population of adults and youth without regard to ethnicity or race.  Increasingly, we work with individuals who have arrived in our community from all over the world.  Each year the Urban League of Southern Connecticut serves over 2500 people who participate in our programs, take advantage of our services, and build new friendships with fellow Urban Leaguers and our dedicated staff members.

We believe that the visionaries who founded the Urban League 50 years ago would be extremely proud of their organization as it marches forward into the twenty-first century.  Over time, the League has become—and will continue to be—a significant, valued community-service organization in the Fairfield and New Haven area.  Our true work transcends the programs and services that we provide.  In addition to touching individual lives, we seek to strengthen the communities in which we work.  Through our work, we desire to live up to our predecessors’ visions and make proud all those women and men who are part of the “Urban League Family.”   

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Our Mission

The mission of the Urban League of Southern Connecticut is to enable African Americans and other minority groups to secure and sustain economic self-reliance and parity.

Our Vision

The vision of the Urban League of Southern Connecticut is to unify, inspire and empower our community through leadership, advocacy and development.