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What we do

Workforce & youth development

The Urban League’s workforce program prepares youth and adults for the demands of the world of work. Many lack an understanding of workplace expectations including proper dress, attitude, and the importance of being on time.  Often those entering the workforce do not see the correlation between education, work experience and long-term self-sufficiency. Classes can be taken as workplace training or individually and include:

  • Introduction to Computers

  • Hotel & Hospitality Certification

  • Microsoft Office Suite 2016 Certification

  • Interviewing and Cover Letter Preparation

  • Financial Education for Youth

  • CODE 101

  • College Ready Boot-Camp*


*in partnership with HIGHER Heights

Housing & Economic Development

The Urban League’s housing program offers services that support low to moderate income individuals and families navigate the ever changing financial markets so that they may purchase and retain a home, avoid foreclosure, repair damaged credit or plan for college education and/or retirement. The key issues addressed are:

  • Homebuyer Education and Counseling

  • Budget and Credit Counseling

  • Financial Education and Counseling

  • Mortgage Mediation - Foreclosure Prevention

  • Small Business Planning