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Housing Programs and Services

The Urban League’s housing services provide families with the tools and information needed to stabilize housing and identify housing inequalities. Our education and counseling programs are designed to help equip families with the knowledge and support necessary to address their housing goals, improve their financial situation and avoid experiencing the crisis of mortgage foreclosures. Our clients gain the financial literacy required to obtain and maintain safe, decent, stable, clean, and affordable housing.

Homebuyer Education & Counseling

The ULSC's First-time Homebuyer program works with clients to provide the fundamental basics of purchasing a home. The program objective is to help inform consumers about the home-buying process, thereby increasing their understanding of how affordability is determined, what steps need to be taken to resolve outstanding debt, how to compare and choose the best loan product, and how to pick the right lender, realtor, attorney or other members of the home purchase team. Students are also taught the keys to establish a savings and investment plan and creating a budget

Foreclosure & Delinquency Prevention

ULSC provides foreclosure prevention and loss mitigation education and counseling services to homeowners who are delinquent or who anticipate becoming delinquent on their mortgage or other housing expenses. The decision to purchase a home and the selection and purchase of a home is usually not relevant to ULSC mortgage delinquency clients; however, the topics will be covered if requested by the client. Mortgage delinquency clients will cover all other homeownership activities.

Financial Education & Counseling

The Urban League seeks to promote financial independence and educate consumers on the value of responsible spending and the importance of developing sound money management skills.  These foundational building blocks are necessary for creating vibrant lives for low to moderate-income individuals and families.  The Urban League will use a financial education curriculum for adult and student learners. Program participants will receive three (3) hours of financial education. 

Budget & Credit Counseling

Urban League housing counselors work with participants to identify current spending habits, identify options for resolving outstanding debt,  decrease high credit card balances, create realistic spending plans, and develop an action plan that allows you to achieve short and long-term goals.

Tenant & Landlord Training

The Urban League offers rental assistance counseling to those seeking housing counseling rental assistance. Before the appointment, clients are given contact information on where to obtain a free credit report and advised to bring copies of pay stubs or other income sources to the screening interview. At the screening interview, the housing counselor explains the agency's role in helping the client locate affordable, safe housing. In addition, the Urban League provides Landlord Education and Counseling for individuals purchasing two or more-family properties. 

Disaster Recovery Training

ULSC Housing is uniquely positioned to help its communities prepare for and recover from a disaster. The League offers workshops and counseling sessions to encourage clients to create Family Emergency Plans that include critical elements such as:


  • Creating a shelter plan

  • Finding evacuation routes

  • Having a family communication plan

  • Creating an emergency preparedness kit or GO BAG

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